Whisky Miniatures Gift Set

Explore the Glen Scotia range with our miniature whisky gift set, featuring 3 of our award-winning whiskies — Double Cask, 15 Year Old and Victoriana.

This gift set is the perfect introduction to Glen Scotia and the region of Campbeltown, giving you a taste of the varying depths of flavour our award-winning distillery can offer. Join us on a journey of single malts as you explore the flavours of Campbeltown past and present.

The Tasting Collection: Whisky Gift Set (3 x 5cl)

Let your gift be a sensory experience with our classic Campbeltown single malt whisky trio gift box, featuring three award-winning whiskies that perfectly capture the spirit of Glen Scotia.

Whisky Gift Pack Tasting Notes

Each dram in this 3-whisky miniatures collection boasts something special from the region — taking you from whiskies unique and easy-drinking to elegant and smooth, and finally, phenomenally deep and robust.


Double Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

As our Master Distiller Iain McAlister's favourite Friday night dram and a favourite when it comes to all of our whisky gift sets, the Glen Scotia Double Cask is so much more than meets the eye. It is matured in the finest American oak bourbon casks before a finishing period of up to 12 months in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. The result makes for a sublime addition to any gift pack.


Sweet crème caramel and toffee are complemented with fruit and wood sugars. Oaky charred bourbon comes through with salinity and sea spray near the end.


Powerful with a good and oily mid-weight palate that merges the dry distillery character with powdered sugar. Adding some water brings out a herbaceous or minty element.


The sherried notes come out in the deep and dark finish, with subtle smoke and gentle spice lingering on.


The Glen Scotia Double Cask in this tasting collection gift set is a distillery favourite and a top award-winner. It has won:

Gold- The Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters 2021

Gold- San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020

Best Campbeltown Single Malt - World Whiskies Awards 2020

15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Elegant and classically Campbeltown, the Glen Scotia 15 Year Old is a single malt that makes the most of the American oak bourbon casks it is aged in and the salty coastal weather — resulting in a character profile authentic to the region.

This single malt scotch whisky is the ideal balancing factor in this miniature whisky gift pack.


Medium-weight on the nose with citrus peels, ginger snap biscuits and plump apricot aromas. After a little while, the oakiness and wood come through.


Fruit and vanilla notes along with a surprising and subtle dry element reminiscent of cinnamon or ginger. With water, the woodiness of this smooth 15 Year Old whisky shines through.


A warming spice trails through a long and firm finish.


Award-winning single malt whisky gifts make the memory so much more special. As gold as the whisky itself, the Glen Scotia 15 Year Old's awards collection includes:

Gold- San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021

Gold- The Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters 2021

Gold - International Spirits Challenge 2020

Victoriana Single Malt Scotch Whisky

While only a miniature 5cl whisky in this particular gift pack, the Glen Scotia Victoriana is a powerful single malt designed to transport you to Campbeltown of the past, when it was known as the whisky capital of the world.

Finished in heavily charred oak, this is cask strength, non-chill-filtered, natural coloured single malt whisky — history in a bottle from design to dram.


The toasted sugar of crème brûlée meets caramelised fruits and citrus peels, all while balancing subtle wood and polished oak.


Robust and full of flavour, interweaving the sweetness of sherry with a charring effect. Dark berry juice and jammy blackcurrant fruitiness at the core with a robust mid-palate.


Initially sweet, green bean and orchard fruits pull together perfectly with dark chocolate for a clean finish, with soft and gentle smoke to round it off.


The Glen Scotia Victoriana is a jewel in the distillery's crown, showing off our range and winning awards too. It has been awarded:

Gold- San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020

Gold- The Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters 2020

Gold - International Spirits Challenge 2020

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Whisky Gifts Worth Remembering

Our classic Campbeltown Tasting Collection whisky miniatures gift pack (3 x 5cl) will set your present apart from the rest, whether for the festive season or any other special occasion or celebration.

Our gift sets are made with every whisky lover in mind, and with this trio, we are able to introduce you to whisky that is made by history, influenced by people, and enduring in every way.

Our Range of Miniature Whisky Sets

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Whether you're looking for a whisky and tasting glass gift pack, a 20cl gift set, or even our famous Dunnage Whisky Tasting Experience, you can rest assured that your giftees will be delighted at whichever gift box you select.

Nothing says authentic Campbeltown like these gift packs. The perfect gift is always a Glen Scotia single malt whisky miniature gift set.

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The Taste of Another Time & Town

Campbeltown is the whiskiest place in the world — for many reasons.

In the Victorian era, this wee region was known as the Whisky Capital of the World, boasting almost 30 distilleries and a town full of passionate people, all with a direct connection to the trade.

Today, Glen Scotia is one of only three distilleries left.

We take our role in sharing the taste of Campbeltown very seriously. Our gift sets are the perfect way to do this, whether for whisky connoisseurs or amateur enthusiasts.

Our Tasting Collection miniature whisky set gift box takes the palate on an adventure that includes past, present and future when it comes to the classic Campbeltown whisky style.

More than your Average Gift Set

From whisky maker to whisky lover, give yourself and your loved ones a gift that represents not only the whisky history of Scotland but the sense of community, authenticity and charm that our Campbeltown distillery thrives on.

Order the Glen Scotia Tasting Collection whisky miniatures gift set (3 x 5cl) today to avoid disappointment and give a gift that is far more than just the whisky in the bottles.