A Champagne invented by passion.

We ensure that each of our Champagnes – PIAFF Brut NV, PIAFF Rosé NV Brut, and PIAFF Blanc de Blancs – live up to a standard of excellence that we are proud to share with you. From a terroir that is rich in chalky subsoil, and a climate that benefits from both oceanic rains and continental summers, our Champagnes are elegant, structured and memorable.

Life is worth celebrating, make way for the next generation

Champagne PIAFF is the first champagne house to have emerged in 60 years; a new, modern and vibrant champagne brand in a classic category. Whether it’s through our signature fresh, elegant taste, our collaborations and events or our vibrant branding, Champagne PIAFF is ready to raise a glass to the next generation of champagne drinkers. 

Champagne PIAFF perfectly blends the passion and expertise of a time - honoured skill with our fresh new marketing approach, embracing a combination of historic and modern world culture. 

Our Champagne was created for a modern 21st century palate, each of the range is in the Brut category and has a low dosage compared to other Champagnes, making PIAFF style fresh, crisp and elegant. 

Champagne Piaff