Before Ben Lomond was a gin, it was a mountain. But more than a mountain, it was a meeting point. A place where East met West, and land met sky.

Derived from the Celtic ‘Lumon’, Ben Lomond translates to ‘Beacon Mountain’.

Ben Lomond Gin

Historically, a burning fire atop would have guided people from the four corners of Scotland and beyond. Those curious enough to make it to the summit will have been rewarded; unlocking horizons for further adventure. 

This sense of adventure is what we channel into our gin. Our beacon will guide you so far, but beyond that is the freedom to drink wherever and however you choose; be that somewhere familiar with a classic or off-grid with something new. 

The past decade, dubbed the “Gin Renaissance” has seen phenomenal category growth, an abundance of new brands, and an explosion of flavours. Even after 10 years, premium gin continues to grow at +15% and as consumers continue to experiment adventurously with white spirits, Ben Lomond with its unrivalled provenance, connection to some of nature’s most incredible places, and a world of adventurous serves, is set for an exciting future. 

Our Gin Range

With a diverse range led by our Original London Dry with its versatile flavour profile and supported by our infused range of flavoured gins; Raspberry & Elderflower, Blackberry & Gooseberry & Blood Orange & Pink Grapefruit, there's a world of flavour adventures to be had.