Bottling Plant

The Glen Catrine bonded warehouse was established in 1974 and is one of the largest independent bottling plants in Scotland. As well as whisky, it bottles other spirits in the Loch Lomond group's portfolio, including vodka, gin, rum and brandy on the same premises.

At Loch Lomond in Alexandria, we've recently invested £15 million in brand-new stills, and we can make fine single malts and some of the best grain whisky in Scotland in the same premises. Our bottling plant at Glen Catrine in Ayrshire is one of the biggest and most efficient in Scotland, and currently produces more than 65 million bottles of whisky and other spirits each year.

Meanwhile, in Campbeltown, our Glen Scotia distillery still looks much as it did in the 19th century when Duncan MacCallum constructed the malting floors that form the imposing frontage on the town's High Street. It's said the spirit of MacCallum haunts the building to this day, yet the distillery was refitted at the turn of the millennium, following 15 ‘silent’ years, and today is in a full and steady production line.