Founded in 1832, Glen Scotia is one of the few remaining single malt Scotch whisky distilleries in Campbeltown, once whisky capital of the world. Our distillery still maintains much of its original design, including the fermenters, stillroom, and dunnage warehouse dating from the 1830s.

A sip of a Glen Scotia Scottish malt is a window through time to traditional Campbeltown whisky.


Glen Scotia strives to keep the spirit of Campbeltown alive, sending our whiskies across the world while staying true to the classic Campbeltown Malt Whisky style. Our local team and community take pride in their distillery, and we’re delighted to see a resurgence of interest across the globe for our style.

Twice in 2021 Glen Scotia was recognised for its whisky-making abilities, being named the Scottish Whisky Distillery of the Year at the Scottish Whisky Awards, just seven months after being crowned the ‘Best in Show’ at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition for our Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old expression. It is the first time any distillery has won both awards, let alone in the same year.

In 2022, our Victoriana was further named Best Scotch Whisky 2022 at the Online Scotch Whisky Awards 2022, and further Best No Age Statement Whisky 2022 in the World Spirits Competition.


Known as the whisky capital of the world, Campbeltown was once a place that teemed with distilleries. Over time, all that experience, craft and passion has been poured into our single malt whiskies. Double Cask and15 Year Old reflect the originality of Campbeltown scotch styles, whilst our Victoriana expression is reminiscent of the Campbeltown style and is true to the Glen Scotia Distillery style.


Glen Scotia was born in a place like no other - a small town on the west coast of Scotland that was to become the"Victorian Whisky Capital of the World. Glen Scotia prevailed against the odds where some 30 other local distilleries fell, and today stands proudly among the last of the distilleries in Campbeltown.