Noble Rebel is a blended malt Scotch whisky unlike any other. We distil, blend and mature each of our whiskies under the expert eye of our maverick Master Blender, Michael Henry, resulting in a series of blends of familiar flavours with an unexpected twist.

Pursuit of Possibility

Drawing from centuries of know-how and deep bonds with like-minded distilleries, our whiskies are forged on the innovative spirit of Loch Lomond distillery, the exquisite dram of Glen Scotia and riveting liquids from trusted partners.

Our history makes us experts in distillation and allows us to be both the artist and curator as we combine the nobility of single malts with craftsmanship and creativity to curate a series of blended malts, each with a unique story to tell.

Every bottle has been blended into a striking whisky masterpiece, unlike any other whisky, with the aim of pushing the boundaries of flavour with courage, craftsmanship and creativity.

Respectful of tradition, inquisitive about the future, we herald a new dawn of whisky mastery.


Noble Rebel Whisky