Victoriana Whisky

Victoriana is a modern interpretation of a classic Victorian style Campbeltown Malt Whisky. It makes a superb introduction to the classic Glen Scotia style that will surprise and delight whisky explorers and connoisseurs alike.

Matured in a combination of first and second fill bourbon barrels and finished in a combination of Pedro Ximénez and heavily charred oak casks.

Victoriana Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Campbeltown may be the smallest whisky region, but it is certainly the whiskiest. There was a time when whisky virtually coursed through the streets of the town, and with a distillery on every corner, it was known as the ‘Victorian Whisky Capital of the World’. Over time, all that passion, knowledge and craft has been distilled down into Glen Scotia. Victoriana is a celebration of our proud whisky-making history and everything that makes our home unique.

Tasting Notes:


Crème brûlée, melted sugars, caramelised fruits and oak


Roasted sugars, blackcurrants, spice


Cocoa, dark chocolate, dark fruits



This elegant cask strength single malt offers a full-bodied palate with initial hints of oak, crème brûlée and caramelised fruits, leading to rich dark chocolate and blackcurrant palate.

The palate develops into maritime notes of sea spray, and subtle lingering peat smoke for which the Campbeltown region is renowned.

Victorian Whisky Capital of the World

From the early 1800s right up until the 1920s - the Victorian era and slightly beyond - Campbeltown was known as the 'Whisky Capital of the World'.

Almost every inhabitant in Campbeltown was involved in some way in the creation of whisky at the time while boats queued in the port to carry off casks to eager whisky enthusiasts around the world.

As a tribute to that time period, when whisky virtually ran through the streets, we have created the Victoriana single malt whisky.

This whisky is history in a bottle.

From the Design to the Dram

The green bottle design and labelling come together to replicate the powerhouse of the industry of that period.

We took inspiration from the robust and heavy whiskies of that era to fill the classic green bottle with a whisky that is both weighty and oily in character and truly resembles that Victorian era.

The tasting notes refer to Campbeltown's unique maritime influences of subtle sea spray on the nose and salinity in the taste. This is blended with dark winter berries and caramelised sugars to create a powerful and memorable spirit that awakens the senses.

Today, the Glen Scotia distillery is one of only three distilleries left in the former whisky capital of the world and our Victoriana whisky is our modern interpretation and exploration of a classic Campbeltown malt.

Cask Strength Single Malt

Our cask strength Victoriana whisky is matured in our finest casks.

It is aged in first and second fill bourbon barrels then carefully finished for a period of 12 months with 30% of the whisky filling ex-sherry casks (Pedro Ximénez) and 70% filling heavily-charred oak casks (American oak).

After a year, these are then married together and the whisky is bottled at cask strength boasting a beautiful flavour profile that matches its robust nature.

Award-Winning Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glen Scotia's single malt scotch whisky range includes a number of award-winning whiskies and our unique Victoriana is one of them.

Our cask strength Victoriana has achieved success in becoming a single malt whisky that can transport you to a time gone by and has won multiple awards.

International Spirits Challenge - Gold

A whisky that "faithfully depicts the style of Campbeltown whisky during the Victorian era" is how judges at the International Spirits Challenge described our Victoriana in 2020 before awarding it a gold medal in recognition of its exceptional flavour profile.

World Spirits Competition - Gold

Our Victoriana single malt was awarded another gold medal in 2020 by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, one of the world’s most prestigious spirits competitions.

Scotch Whisky Masters - Double Master

In 2019, our Victoriana single malt scotch was awarded two Master medals in the Scotch Whisky Masters competition in recognition of its maritime flavour profile.

A Truly Unique Whisky Made by History

Down through the years, all the knowledge, experience, craft, and whisky passion of the Victorian era has been distilled into Glen Scotia.

Our Victoriana whisky gives you a taste of this glorious time in Campbeltown's history.

Spoil yourself with a whisky that makes good on its promises with this special cask strength scotch, and be transported to the whiskiest place in the world with our Victoriana single malt scotch whisky.

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Voted Best No Age Statement Whisky 2022 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition