18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

An exceptional single malt whisky, matured for 17 years in refill bourbon casks and refill American Oak hogsheads.

The finest casks are personally selected by our Master Blender and are vatted together for a 12 month finish in first fill Oloroso casks. Unpeated, floral, aromatic and elegant, with hints of sea spray and spice.

Single Malt Whisky Aged for 18 Years

Records as far back as the 1800’s show that Campbeltown, like much of Scotland, has enjoyed a long-standing love affair with the use of sherry casks in whisky maturation. Given its fortunate location on the West Coast of Scotland and ease of access to the sea trading routes of the time, it is hardly surprising then that Campbeltown enjoyed the first choice of some of the finest sherry casks in the world. So it is fitting that one of our oldest and most refined expressions, the Glen Scotia 18-year-old, enjoys a lengthy twelve-month finish in Oloroso sherry casks, delivering a floral sweetness whilst never masking our renowned distillery character that lies beneath.

Tasting Notes:


An elegant nose with crisp saltiness, perfumed floral notes, sweet honey and salted caramel


An incredibly smooth and rich palate, with fruity flavours and thick sweet toffee. Expect notes of apricots, pineapple and plump sultana, with a gentle warming spice throughout


Long and dry, with gentle warming spice



This 18 year old single malt scotch whisky has subtle salinity and brine which balances perfectly with the rich texture, thick caramel, and oak spice.

The unmatched smoothness depicts the value of a single malt scotch aged and matured for up to eighteen years — making this robust oak expression a drink to be remembered.

18 Year Old Scotch for Milestone Moments

Glen Scotia is one of only three distilleries in this once huge whisky-making region and we use traditional methods to honour the unique maritime style that we are famous for.

Our 18 year old single malt makes for a wonderful gift for milestones such as an 18th birthday or anniversary. A favourite at many a spirit competition, the Glen Scotia 18 year old whisky will not disappoint.

When you sip on a dram of Glen Scotia you're having an 18 year old single malt from the whiskiest place in the world — the small but enduring town of Campbeltown.

Our Whisky-Making Craft

At the Glen Scotia distillery, we take pride in representing a region once known as the 'Whisky Capital of the World'.

To honour the Victorian era that saw the rise of Campbeltown distilleries to almost 30, we have defined a whisky-making craft that sustains the rich flavour profile and distinguished finish for which we are known.

Today we are one of only three remaining distilleries in the Campbeltown region — a title that we aim to honour by creating single malt whiskies that not only win awards but win hearts too.

The resulting signature Glen Scotia style uses an age-old methodology with the finest bourbon and American oak to create our modern maritime single malt style — salted caramel or crème brûlée matching an intriguingly fruity mix of green or baked apple and, of course, sweet vanilla oak.

Our Master Distiller

Our Master Distiller and Malt Master, Iain McAlister, has become the link between our heritage of classic maritime Campbeltown style and our future as a distillery that distils true meaning in our whiskies.

As a true local of Campbeltown, born and bred in the former 'Whisky Capital of the World', Iain is fiercely proud of the place, its people, and its whisky heritage.

He is not only responsible for the smoothness of our beloved 18 year old scotch, but also for the smooth running of the distillery.

Iain ensures that only the highest standards of quality control are maintained by keeping a close eye on the distillery’s stock and continuously sampling different years, casks, and finishes.

As a former engineer, Iain has developed and enhanced production at Glen Scotia, all the while making sure to preserve the craftsmanship and traditional skills we so value.

Award Winning Whisky

The Glen Scotia 18 year old single malt whisky boasts a natural gold colour to match the timeless golden presentation box and, more notably, the many gold awards it has earned for the Glen Scotia distillery.

Our 18 year old single malt has won gold awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2020, the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters in 2021, and the International Spirits Challenge in 2021.

Campbeltown's Distinctive Flavour Profile

Campbeltown is the smallest of the malt producing regions of Scotland, standing firm among the well-known Highland, Islay, Lowland, and Speyside regions. This unrelenting region offers a character and history that is completely unique.

From the top to the bottom of Scotland, there are many flavour and body profiles to be found — peated and unpeated; light, fruity and fresh; or dark, spicy and full of sweet pudding notes. But the Campbeltown style has found a way to illustrate this versatility while always staying true to its heritage.

Full of flavour, our style character promises whiskies that are rich and robust in flavour, oiliness, and brine, while perfectly balancing with caramelised sugars, vanilla oak, and both fresh and dried fruit.

The Glen Scotia distillery gives a nod to our traditions at every step of the journey towards our single malt whiskies — and our 18 Year Old is the perfect example of this quest, offering you a window through time to traditional Campbeltown malts.

Whisky Made by History

Glen Scotia is whisky made by history and this speaks for far more than the 18 year period the whisky has spent maturing.

Since 1832, Glen Scotia has been shaped by the people, time, and events — as well as the history of Campbeltown itself.

In the words of our Master Distiller, Iain McAlister: "I was born and bred in Campbeltown, I've spent all my days here…. The whisky's everywhere, it does run through your veins in some respect."

Down through the years, this immeasurable amount of knowledge, experience, craft, and whisky passion has been distilled into every one of the Glen Scotia whiskies — from our standard single malts to our seasonal releases and tasting packs.

Our 18 Year Old single malt is no different.

So, when you pour a dram of Glen Scotia 18 Year Old, it's more than just the whisky in the glass.

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