Dunnage Whisky Tasting Gift Set

Our Dunnage Tasting gift set includes a tasting video from our Master Distiller, Iain McAlister, that lets you join us on a tasting journey through our Campbeltown single malts from the comfort of your own home!

For those who cannot visit Campbeltown, we are bringing a special tasting experience to you digitally. Sit back with this bespoke whisky set as lain takes you through five personally selected single malt whiskies from our historic dunnage warehouse collection. Grab a glass and enjoy!

Dunnage Whisky Tasting Experience

If you've ever wanted to explore the taste of Campbeltown, this collection of single malts from the Glen Scotia dunnage warehouse will transport you to our celebrated maritime town and into our beloved dunnage warehouse.

In our specially recorded tasting video, our Master Distiller will take you through five personally selected single malt whiskies, with each dram offering a window into Glen Scotia's whisky making history and Campbeltown’s Victorian whisky heyday.

Which whiskies make up the Dunnage Whisky Tasting Set?

In short, this whisky tasting set boasts a range of single malt whiskies, including whiskies that cannot be found anywhere else as they have been specially selected by Iain from our Dunnage Warehouse.

Each tasting box includes 5 x 25ml Glen Scotia whiskies:

  • Glen Scotia Double Cask - 46% ABV
  • Glen Scotia 1st Fill Bourbon 2015 - 60.5% ABV
  • Glen Scotia Refill/1st Fill bourbon 1999 - 59% ABV
  • Glen Scotia Refill Bourbon/1st Fill Oloroso 2002 - 58.7% ABV
  • Glen Scotia Refill Bourbon/1st Fill Ruby Port 2002 - 53.8% ABV

Our Master Distiller's Favourite

As Iain's Friday night dram of choice after a long week, the Glen Scotia Double Cask is a must try!

Rich and with aromatic spice, this whisky is easy to drink and perfectly represents the flavours of Campbeltown, Scotland, with its salted caramel, spicy fruits, vanilla oak and sea spray. Matured in the finest American oak barrels and finished in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, giving it that lingering spice.

Out of all of the whiskies in this whisky tasting set, this is the only one available for purchase. Our Glen Scotia Double Cask is an award-winning single malt that makes for the perfect present for all occasions, from a gift to celebrate the New Year to a Father's Day gift.

Cask Maturation

The remaining four whiskies in this enchanting tasting set allow you to explore the crucial impact that the cask can have on a whisky, especially when considering the amount of time spent maturing.

Each of these whiskies have been specially chosen from our Dunnage Warehouse in Campbeltown, and range of from 6 years to 21 years old. Each display the maritime in which Glen scotia is famous for with salted caramel, sea salt and gentle spice.

Bourbon Casks

Two of the whiskies in the tasting set illustrate the impact bourbon casks have on the overall flavour of the whisky and the difference between first fill casks and refill casks. Expect notes of vanilla custard, Crème Brûlée and honey sweetness.

Sherry Casks

Our 18 year old refill bourbon whisky has been finished in Oloroso sherry casks. This adds dark cherry, dried fruits and warming spice to the single malt, whichs balances perfectly with the coastal notes of Glen Scotia.

Port Casks

The 2002 Refill Bourbon 2002 whisky has a finishing period in a Ruby Port cask. The Ruby Port lives up to its title, giving the whisky a ruby red colour and imparting notes of forest berries, red fruits and dark chocolate with a silky dessert like finish.

Dunnage Tasting Pack FAQs

If you're wondering how we plan to make the Dunnage whisky tasting set every bit as special as a visit to our distillery and dunnage warehouse, read through our frequently asked questions below to find out everything you need to know about this single malt whisky gift set experience.

When will the tasting pack be delivered?

All tasting packs will be dispatched on order with free delivery and will be delivered to you within 1-3 working days. This is for deliveries in the UK only.

Free UK Delivery on orders over £40

How do I get access to the tasting?
There is a link and password inside the lid of your Dunnage Tasting Pack that you will need to join the tasting video. 

What will I need for the tasting?
To watch the tasting video, you can use a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

To get the full whisky tasting experience, we'd recommend using a whisky tasting glass. If you don't have a whisky tasting glass, a wine glass will work too. If you would like, keep some water aside to add to the whisky should you prefer during the tasting.

Order our Double Cask and Glass Gift Set for your very own Glen Scotia whisky glass!
What other tasting sets are available?
Our tasting sets make for thoughtful and memorable gifts because they offer so much more than just whisky in a glass. Our whiskies offer a taste of Campbeltown, an experience of times past and present, and an entry into the award-winning Glen Scotia collection.

For the best of the best in whisky tasting sets in the UK, browse our range of Glen Scotia tasting gift sets.

These are perfect for any whisky lover or enthusiast.

Take your Whisky Tasting to the Next Level

Deciding what we like in a whisky, or what is the best whisky, is an exceptionally subjective thing — and it's not always easy trying these at home on your own.

That's why we've brought none other than Glen Scotia's Master Distiller, Iain McAlister, himself to talk you through our Dunnage Whisky Tasting Video. No one knows the taste of Glen Scotia better than Iain and he unpacks this unique whisky set with you, unwrapping the subtleties of each whisky in this collection.

Unlike our other whisky tasting sets, what makes the Dunnage gift box collection such an unforgettable experience is what comes after unpacking your gift box. It is in the gifts of inside knowledge, craft and passion that come with doing your tasting alongside Iain.

This whisky tasting gift set is set to unlock a new chapter in your whisky journey.

Give the Gift of Whisky made by History

How about a taste of true whisky tradition?

Whisky tasting sets make amazing gifts in Scotland and beyond, and our Dunnage Tasting Experience gift box is a whisky tasting gift like no other.

These are the perfect gift sets for any occasion, whether you're looking for a Christmas present, graduation gift, or you want to up the ante when celebrating birthdays. You can turn any day into a special occasion with this gifting experience.

With this Glen Scotia tasting set, you can give the amateur whisky lover or whisky connoisseur in your life a great gift with an even greater story and history.

History in a Bottle

Known as the whisky capital of the world in the Victorian era, Campbeltown once boasted 30 distilleries. Today, Glen Scotia is one of only three whisky distilleries that remain.

Here in the whiskiest place in the world, each and every single malt scotch whisky in our range is made from centuries of knowledge, experience, craft and whisky passion to create an exquisite example of the classic, maritime Campbeltown style.

And that's why when you pour a dram of Glen Scotia, it’s more than just the whisky in the glass.

This gift box tasting set lets you gift some of our best whisky but also represents the special place that Campbeltown holds in Scotland. With one of our gift sets, you can introduce your family and friends to what will soon become their new favourite whisky and distillery.

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