Distillers 1 of 1 Auction Results

  • 1 min read

We are honoured to have taken part in the 2023 Distillers 1 of 1 Charity auction.

This remarkable event raised an astonishing £2.25 million for The Youth Action Fund, transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people in Scotland.  

 We proudly presented two releases in support of this cause – The Littlemill Decennia and Glen Scotia 49 Year Old.  

Littlemill Decennia was a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece —an unprecedented collection of three vintages from the final three decades of Littlemill’s production years, each gently finished in Oloroso sherry casks to capture its lost signature lowland style. This exquisite collection, presented in handblown crystal decanters and housed in a bespoke cabinet, was acquired for a record breaking £40,000. 

Separately, our rare Glen Scotia 49 Year Old, drawn exclusively for the auction and matured in American oak casks, was sold for a record-breaking £33,750. 

 The lot included a magnificent 70cl Glencairn decanter crafted from 30% lead crystal, enclosed in a bespoke walnut case hand-painted by Glen Scotia's artist-in-residence, Alice Angus. This breathtaking artwork, named 'The Knowledge of Years,' provides a captivating window into the heart of our distillery, making the lot not only a collector's item but also a true work of art.  In addition, this lot featured a one-of-a-kind framed artwork 'Heart of the Run' from Alice Angus and Glen Scotia's 'Spirit Safe' exhibition, capturing the essence of Campbeltown's whisky-making history.  

We, at Loch Lomond Group, extend our deepest gratitude to all who supported this remarkable event to make a difference through the art of whisky.