Spearhead Single Grain Whisky

Whisky that does things differently.

Tradition, heritage, and time-honoured practices can produce incredible whisky… but for every rule that must be obeyed and every statute that must be honoured, you lose an ounce of originality and spark of free spirit. Enter Spearhead.




Crafted at Loch Lomond Distillery, Spearhead uses 100% malted barley and an extended fermentation time of 92 hours before distilling in coffey style stills. The continuous distillation process creates a lighter style of spirit, without compromising on quality. It is then matured in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in a combination of infrared & fire toasted virgin American oak barrels. The use of infrared toasting is a first in the Scotch Whisky world and allows us to accurately extract flavours to make a spirit that’s sweet than other whiskies.

This results in a liquid that’s lighter, sweeter and more mixable whisky.