25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Our 25 year old is a complex and elegant Campbeltown single malt Scotch whisky.

Bottled at 48.8%, this full-bodied whisky offers a fruity and sweet character with crisp coastal notes and hints of sea spray.

Winner of the Best in Show whisky at San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2021

25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

Our 25 year old whisky has been gently matured in our finest American oak barrels before being married in first-fill bourbon casks before bottling.

The signature nose has hints of vanilla oak interwoven with the subtle notes of sea spray and spicy aromatic fruits.

Bottled at 48.8% with no added colour or chill-filtration, as nature intended.

Tasting Notes:


Bracing Atlantic breeze gives strong maritime influence.


Coastal air, red apple and tangy orange peel with vanilla syrup and caramel sweetness.


Long lingering sea salt with a spicy note of ground ginger.



Our distinguished Campbeltown malt whisky, 25 years old, takes the maritime sea spray flavour that the Glen Scotia distillery is so famous for and adds a special sweetness that stays with you long after the first dram.

This smooth 25 year old whisky merges land and sea with earthy oak notes complemented by the Campbeltown coastal air.

Award Winning Whisky

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The Glen Scotia 25 Year Old was named the best whisky in the world for 2021.

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) is not only one of the most prestigious spirits competitions in the world, but it is also the second oldest spirits competition in the world, having started in 2000.

The SFWSC is judged by celebrated experts with decades of industry experience in their fields.

The competition received almost 4000 entries across 31 categories - and our enduring 25 year old scotch was the overall winner, being recognised as the ‘Best in Show’.

The Glen Scotia distillery and brand were well-represented among the award-winning whiskies at this competition, with our 10 year old whisky receiving a double gold medal and our 15 year old whisky winning gold too.

Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters

The Spirits Business Magazine runs the Scotch Whisky Masters awards, which involves industry experts serving as judges and blind-tasting whiskies over a variety of categories, including appearance, palate and overall balance.

In the category for whisky aged between 19 and 30 years, the Glen Scotia 25 year old single malt whisky won the top award - the Master medal.

Judges described our 25 year old malt whisky as having 'aromas of honeycomb, malt and gingerbread with a delicious palate full of peach/apricot, golden syrup, and great oak spices to add balance with late tropical fruits'.

Here, too, the flag for the Glen Scotia brand was flown high, with our famous Victoriana Single Malt also receiving a Master medal and four of our other single malts receiving gold.

International Spirits Challenge

The International Spirits Challenge has been running for 25 years, and is one of the most authoritative, respected and influential spirits competitions in the world.

The competition receives more than 1,700 entries from over 70 countries. Each spirit entered is blind tasted by a panel of over 50 experienced industry professions.

In 2021, Glen Scotia 25 year old whisky received the highest award of gold.

The Gift of 25 Years

Whisky always makes for a good present - especially for a milestone like a 25th birthday or anniversary.

Glen Scotia represents unity, history and endurance - and what says that better than a 25 year old vintage scotch. Whether you are looking for a present for a loved one or for yourself, every sip of this award-winning 25 year old whisky will feel like a gift as it transports you to Campbeltown, the whiskiest place in the world.

We also offer a range of whisky gift sets that every malt lover will be sure to enjoy.

A Message From Master Distiller, Iain McAllister

The Glen Scotia distillery is famous for whisky that is made by history - single malts that have stood the tests of time - and we stand proudly among the last of the many Campbeltown Distilleries. Over centuries, all of our experience and knowledge has been distilled down into each and every Glen Scotia whisky. That's why every bottle tells its own story - and finds a way to become a part of your story too.

Distilled in the early 90s and aged for a quarter-century, our 25 year old single malt sure has a story to tell. An authentic single malt Campbeltown expression, delivering a unique maritime character with subtle sea spray and salinity, a unity of cask finishings, and harmony of different flavours.

We have taken great care in choosing the finest refill bourbon casks for the maturing process, followed by a 12 month finishing period in stunning first-fill bourbon casks. The cask the whisky is matured in plays a significant part in the overall flavour and brings those well-known flavours of vanilla, honey and caramel sweetness which pair perfectly with our maritime Campbeltown whisky.

There is a certain level of patience that comes from waiting 25 years before being able to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Whether we are maturing our whiskies for 3 years or 25 years, we want it to be enjoyed with the same sense of wonder - with the will to explore the variety of flavours found on the nose, the palate and the finish. 

All that's left is for you to take that first sip.

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